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The most asked question EVERY magician gets, no matter who they are, is, “How do you do that?”

I have been asked that question for as long as I’ve been doing magic. I’ve also come up with some pretty clever answers! From the very beginning I’ve been aware that Magic opens up the mind to “WONDER”. If you truly want to learn how to create REAL MAGIC, I suggest you take a look at my ebook, “I don’t do Tricks, A professional magician’s guide on how to create REAL Magic!” (below the videos).

Now, I know you want to learn some magic. You are probably thinking ‘tricks’. Please watch the first video. You will get a good idea of how I think about the art of magic, and also the way I approach the art of Life! The other clips are if you are wanting to learn a few simple effects (not tricks) to share with friends and family.

 I’d be happy to share the rest of these videos (The HOW-It’s-Done-Part), IF you are sincere in wanting to learn more about REAL MAGIC , The charge? Whatever amount you feel is ‘right’* for you to learn these, and I’ll send you the link to unlock the secrets! Click on the box below, in the Price per item, put in the amount you wish to pay for either 1 or all of the videos.

*within reason. If you give a penny, I’ll give you a penny’s worth of my experience!

 Newrainbow-animated  “I Don’t Do Tricks…E-Book

A Professional Magician’s Perspective on how to create

‘Real’ Magic (RM)”

Star Alexander Magician dressed with coins

Star Alexander

* E-book by Star Alexander (from the Introduction)
“All throughout my career, young people and their parents have come to me and asked for advice on how to become a magician. The time has finally arrived to put all that advice into this book. There are literally thousands of books on the subject of magic and magic tricks, there are not so many on the performance side of the issue. They do exist, but none of them are MY perspective!”
What is REAL Magic (RM)?
At this point, I think it’s important to clarify what I mean by “Real” magic.
As musicians ‘interpret’ music, so magicians ‘interpret’ magic based on many different factors, including but not limited to their own philosophical biases and beliefs. It is in this context that the rest of where we go with this will make sense. And in fact, it’s the major reason for writing the book in the first place! RM goes so much further than doing things that others think is impossible. RM is on the edge of impossibility. Becoming a true magician requires learning to think about what is and isn’t possible in new ways. It also means that we may need to alter our consciousness in order to achieve the desired outcome, and at the same time WE will be altered as well… [read the rest by ordering the book!]

Chapters include:

  • What is RM?
  • Trick or Treat?
  • Things aren’t always as they seem
  • Think before you speak (Act)
  • Secrets
  • All the world’s a stage
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Dressing the part
  • Hecklers
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Getting the ‘gig’
  • Auditions
  • What to charge
  • Magic or illusion
  • Morality and the art of lying
  • Bringing it all together
  • Where do we go from here?
  • References and suggested study material

This e-book contains years of experience coupled with a wonderful style and an all around great perspective on the subject of magical entertainment and education.


These days people like VALUE. So, to increase the value and as a “Thank You” for supporting the art of magic (and me), when you order my e-book you will also receive the key to unlock the code for the videos from the Star Alexander “Outside the Box’ Magic set… The demonstration videos above are just the beginning!

Includes the video demonstrations with 

the “How To” versions explained

PLUS*  Star teaches how to do the ONE Hand Shuffle!





Star Alexander is a motivational magician and “edu-tainer” who has studied and interpreted the art of magic and created magical experiences for audiences of all ages since he was 7 years old. His over 30 years as a professional entertainer includes the following venues: Restaurant table side, Close-up, Improv/Stand up,  Stage, Master of Ceremonies, School Assemblies, Classrooms, Mentor Programs, Motivational Speaking, Drama clubs, Libraries, Carnivals and Fairs.

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