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"Magic by Star Website Design has allowed me to shed the cocoon of "digital-age-itis" and come forth as a butterfly into the world of websites and social media. They made a job I dreaded so much easier." Marlise Wabun Wind, Author

"I enjoyed working with Star and appreciated his timeliness and layout thoughts while working together to make my website. " Kevin Barnes, Magician


Structure is probably the most important aspect of website design. Before you even begin building the site, you should have a clear plan of how you want the content to flow. If there's too much "verbage" and people get tired of reading ... that's poor structure. A simple, workable structure brings positive user experience and most importantly gets you positive recognition from search engines.


Is the information available on the website in the first place?  The first thing visitors want to know is what services you offer and how good you are at them. Testimonials and photos add more credibility to your site. Contact email, address and phone numbers are essential for most people wanting to invite more business.


Visitors will quickly click away from your website if it’s becoming difficult to navigate. If they’ve already identified what they are looking for but are not getting there soon enough, they will become frustrated and will most likely consider leaving the site, looking else where. Our sites strive to be simple yet "POP" with necessary information!

Social media integration

Social media has taken over the world. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Pinterest account and they spend a considerable amount of time there. Leveraging the connection between them all is a key to higher site visibility and findability. We link those together so access is just a click away.

Responsive design

Another important feature of a modern website is responsive design. The majority of internet users today access the web via mobile devices such as phones, tablets, iPads and so forth. Your website should be rendered consistently on these devices without losing critical content. How your site looks to the viewer on a their mobile phone can make a difference  ... seeing is believing!

Last but not least

Finally, why hire us to design or redesign your site? The *Star Team (as some call us; husband and wife for +30 years) have been creating and maintaining websites since the late 1990's. Because of our connection (with each other) and our experiences (with the World Wide Web, software, hardware, artists, entertainers, social interactions, etc.) We provide a unique approach to webdesign; especially in this day and age of 'want it now', in that we take the time to customize and incorporate the individual's 'heart' aspect as well as just getting a product 'out there' for the almighty dollar! Of course $ is important, we simply want to help make yours go further and bring in more at the same time!

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