Outside The Box Magic

“Outside The Box Magic”
Introduction by Star Alexander

Outside the box magicIt all began while learning to perform with items from around the house; and became a fascination ~ thus creating Outside The Box Magic! (OTBM)

As a young boy, just hearing or saying the word ‘magic’ felt magical to me. Today, it still does! I will always remember my dad taking me to my first magic show when I was about 7, and how impressed I was by the magician. Seeing Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell on TV added to my desire to learn more about this fascinating art.

I definitely remember my first magic kit. Marshall Brodien’s “TV Magic Set”. There were quite a few plastic items in a plastic bag inside a box. I think there were 10 tricks*. Now I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I had a lot of fun with those little plastic pieces, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Brodien for his enthusiasm and love for this amazing art we call ‘Magic’. I have seen and/or owned dozens of similar sets. Honestly I am not against magic sets, as a matter of fact, if you have one, and you want to learn how to make some of those ‘tricks’ in your set look more magical, I can help you with that as well!

The point I wish to make here is that virtually everything in those boxes can be accomplished with everyday items found around the house, office and restaurant or kitchen! That’s right! The most important item in any magic set or kit cannot be found in a box. You have to look inside YOU. It’s called your imagination! As I have stated before, Magic has been with me pretty much my entire life, and on more than one occasion I have been asked (by children and adults) for recommendations on ways to learn magic tricks, when can they get a “Star Alexander Magic Set”, and some even wanting to know where to go to learn how to become a professional magician.

Outside The Box Magic set! (OTBM)Outside The Box Magic (OTBM) is our answer to those questions. It incorporates the philosophy from my E-book “I Don’t Do Tricks, A Professional Magician’s Perspective on how to create “Real Magic (RM)“, which illustrates ‘to-the-point’ thinking on the subject of Magic. It’s theory, problem solving, dress and appearance, habit building, practice/rehearsal, presentation and performance tips, venues, as well as business management and personal experiences! OTBM includes an amazing collection of mind-boggling effects and brain twisters using ordinary (usually unprepared) objects from around the house, office and restaurant, even nature! Whether you are a “newbie” beginner, an amateur wanting to take your performances to a higher level, or a professional performer who’s looking for a fresh approach to the subject, OTBM has material suited to all levels of the art.

Below are instructional videos that provide step by step illustrations and show what the effects look like. Furthermore, we include explanations of why certain things work along with “how” to make them look and feel like magic, instead of simply being reduced to something designed to ‘trick’ or fool your audience.

Now, I know you want to learn some magic. You are probably thinking ‘tricks’. Good place to start… Please watch the first video. This should give you a good idea of the way I think about the art of magic, along with the way I approach the ‘art’ of Life! The other videos are an introduction to “Outside The Box Magic”.

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When you order the Star’s E-book “I Don’t Do Tricks…” you will also receive the key to unlock the code for the digital demonstrations and the How To”  versions explained (requires internet access). The demonstration videos above are just the beginning! Stay tuned as there is a lot of magic to share!

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One hand card shuffle

I Don’t Do Tricks,  A Professional Magician’s Guide on how to create Real Magic (RM).

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If your desire is to create Real Magic (RM) rather than just learning a few tricks, we encourage you to think “Outside the Box”while more importantly taking a look at the art of Magic from a new vantage point!  Thank You for supporting the art of magic (and me)! Star Alexander, Motivational Magician.

BTW: Footnote:

green footprint for Outside The Box Magic set! (OTBM)We want to “Make a Difference” and do our best to STOP POLLUTION on our planet by NOT using more PLASTIC! Our landfills and oceans already have enough plastic, let’s not add to it and be mindful of the future. This is our intention and why we have made this OTBM Set totally digital online! Illustrating magical effects by using items that you already have access to, is the REAL MAGIC that IS fun and rewarding!


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